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Offsite Construction

Applying a manufacturing-like approach to construction has a number of benefits. Here’s 10 companies fueling the offsite construction movement:

Actvcontent – A factory-ready project management software for the modular and offsite construction industry. solving the delivery, quality, traceability and communication challenges of custom and project based manufacturing.

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Schneider Electric Selects Actvcontent to Drive Operational Efficiencies in New Factory Expansion

Actvcontent’s easy-to-deploy Automated Manufacturing Execution System (AMES) helps manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation across multiple factory sites.

Actvcontent, a manufacturing operations software company, announced that Schneider Electric has expanded its initial implementation of Actvcontent’s Manufacturing Execution System (AMES)to new factory sites following a successful implementation in September 2018.

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Software as a Service Poised to Transform Manufacturing Operations

When it comes to software, manufacturers generally aren’t thought of as early adopters. When you’re on a tight schedule with slim margins and are still using an age-old system that works, why bother changing the process?

Put simply, because the decades-old, on-premise systems that many manufacturers have been using since the 1990s are actually costing them time and money, making it harder to turn out a quality product with the same level of reliability and competitive pricing as before.

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Why Disruptive Technology Will Finally Make an Impact on Manufacturing

When people think of disruptive technology, they think of startups like Uber and tech titans like Google, Amazon, and Apple. These companies developed technology based on advanced algorithms where “1-Click” means you’ll have your order within 1-2 business days and “Request Uber” means a private driver will pick you up within minutes and take you to your destination.

Amazon and Uber have proven that better logistics technology can deliver productivity gains at a massive scale, creating a tremendous amount of business value. So, why hasn’t this type of technological disruption we’ve seen in the consumer world transitioned to the industrial world? Clearly, there are many manufacturing challenges, including managing production scheduling, inventory management and constantly changing demand, where innovative technology can make a big impact.

Please see article at ARC Advisory Group

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Schneider Electric Adopts Actvcontent’s Automated Manufacturing Execution System

New SaaS platform to enable manufacturers to visualize their factory floors in real-time and streamline key parts of the manufacturing process

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Actvcontent, a company pioneering manufacturing and automation software, announced Schneider Electric’s adoption of its turnkey platform, the Actvcontent Automated Manufacturing Execution System (AMES). For manufacturing facilities, the implementation timeline to deploy new software can be cumbersome and lengthy, Actvcontent’s AMES platform improves production efficiency and allows global industrial companies to gain value and scale quickly.

Actvcontent’s AMES capabilities include:

  • Easily linking multiple data sources needed to run a factory
  • Real-time visualization of the factory and communication during production
  • Automated triggers to streamline key parts of the manufacturing process

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