General Questions.

Battery life?

2 – 3 months (depending on use). Sync utilizes ActvConent SmartSense Technology, which turns off your device if there is no movement. This lets you conserve battery life over long periods of time.

Compatibility: iOS Devices.

Sync is compatible with iPhone 4s and above, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad 3 and above, iPad Mini and above.

Compatibility: Android Devices.

Sync is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3 and above, Samsung Note II and above, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and above. HTC One and above. Nexus 4 and above.

Where do we ship.

We ship to the Continental US. Shipping to Canada is $8.00 extra, shipping to Europe, Australia and New Zealand is $14.00 extra.

When will it be available for pre-order?

Sync will be available for pre-order starting July 2014.

This would be great for my elderly parents, does this bracelet fit adults?

Absolutely! We built a one size fits all bracelet.

I’m an adult with a severe medical condition or concerned about my sleep, should I buy the bracelet?

Yes, retrieving secure medical information in an emergency and tracking REM sleep is important at any age.

I work with kids at a daycare, school, camp, or other institution. Can businesses buy the Sync?

Yes, please email us at [email protected] for more information.

Contact info.

Please contact [email protected] for questions and media/press related inquiries.

Technical Questions.

Does the Sync need a data plan?

No, there is no data plan needed for this device. Sync communicates via long range Bluetooth technology and works anywhere in the world as along as you have a compatible mobile device.

How many Sync devices can I monitor simultaneously?

You can set a digital zone to monitor up to 8 devices and get alerted if any Syncs are out of range.

Will I get alerted if my child takes off The Sync?

Yes, if your child takes off the Sync while you are monitoring him/her, ActvContent’s SmartSense technology will notify you.

Can anyone in my network access my Sync?

Yes as long as you provide them with secure pass code access. Those who do not have your pass code cannot access your Sync.