Real-Time Manufacturing Operations

Our application utilizes mobile technology to provide factory-wide visibility throughout the manufacturing process.

Real-Time Platform

Our platform delivers real-time content to operators, quality inspectors and production managers. Our mobile compatible sensors automate checks and gather data for process optimization.

01 Operations

Provides operators with assembly instructions and tracks progress to improve employee workflow.

02 Quality

Provides quality inspectors with digital quality checks and sends automated alerts to managers when quality issues occur.

03 Production

Provides operations managers and production supervisors with real-time visibility into who’s working on what, where products are, and which products have quality issues.

Mobile Sensor Technology

Our sensor technology can be utilized to track equipment and measure temperature and humidity during critical parts in the manufacturing and supply chain process.

01 Asset Tracking

Utilize our Tango Sensor's Bluetooth Beacon functionality to track tools, equipment, and components during storage or production.

02 Optimization

Utilize Tango sensors to measure ambient temperature and humidity during assembly, storage and shipping to reduce costs and optimize processes.

03 Specs

Our rechargeable Tango Sensor utilizes Bluetooth LE to communicate with mobile devices and cloud-based M2M routers.

Integration Tool

Our easy-to-use integration tool provides secure URLs and API services to deliver real-time data to clients and allows them to build their own custom applications.

01 Onboarding

Our easy-to-use Integration Tool guides clients through the process of generating secure URLs and leveraging our PUSH API to input data into our platform.

02 Implementation

Once onboarding is completed, a new account is generated and input data is linked in real-time across all devices.

03 Building Apps

Data can be retrieved from our platform at any time via our suite of API services. Our APIs help clients build custom applications by leveraging our real-time data.

Traceability For Customers

End-To-End Traceability

Be the first to offer end-to-end product traceability to your customers.
Leverage Actvcontent's Real-Time Platform to document final assembly, quality and shipment.
Provide your customers with a real-time record of all products in their purchase order.

See it in Action

Real-Time Production

Operators track production progress with the click of a button. Track purchase orders live, from sub-assembly all the way through final assembly and shipment. Identify quality issues and rework/repairs using our app.
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